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A Day Well Spent, as told by Nonni Strategic Marketing

9 am
Wake up as well rested as your grandmother's cat on a warm Sunday afternoon. Make some Flahavan's Oatmeal with carrot cake toppings.
Shaved carrot, raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, sugar...Oh heavenly creaminess, that’s good.

11 am
The surging feeling of newfound energy inspires you to jump into a pair of neon spandex shorts and go for a run through the park, stopping to pet every dog in sight.
Covered in dog hair, don’t care!

1 pm
Read the New York Times and attempt the crossword puzzle, ultimately giving up after 43 across officially numbs your temporal lobe. You take a stab at Sudoku. After realizing you’ve just been staring at a bunch of tiny boxes for an hour, you call your friend Kathleen and she invites you over for lunch.
Hey, Kathleen. What's up, girl? … Sure, tapas sound wonderful.

3 pm
Meet Kathleen at her apartment and notice that she has redecorated the space in an attempt to look Bohemian-chic. It worries you. You lend an ear about her recent breakup and subsequent trip to Thailand. You continue to worry and suggest she joins you at a cooking class at Eataly.
Wow, it sounds like you're doing really well. Uh, by the way, are you free this weekend?...

5 pm
Still hungry, you remember why you don’t usually eat tapas. You crack open a package of Nairn’s oat crackers and, feeling the oatspiration, look up s'mores recipes for half an hour on Pinterest. You eventually graduate to oat-based pie crust recipes and finally land on DIY dreamcatchers. Your mind drifts back to Kathleen and you quickly close your laptop. You receive a text from your glam friend from grad school.
Happy hour at your place? I know just what to bring.

7 pm
Head over to your friend’s apartment, bottle of classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in hand, to binge-watch 80’s movies on a projector. Upon arrival, he offers you Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. Unable to choose, you decide to open both. He has Coravin so it’s no big deal.
The Kiwi is hitting one spot and the Cab is hitting another. Adulthood is amazing and so is The Breakfast Club. Don’t you...forget about me…

11 pm
Arrive back home, pop a jar of overnight oats in the fridge, and snuggle in bed, thinking back on your day well spent and looking forward to tomorrow.

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