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Entering the Marketing World of Wine and Food

Two weeks into my internship with Nonni Strategic Marketing and I am finally able to get to the office without using the subway mapper app. Aside from being able to navigate the A line, I now know things like the difference between gluten-free and certified gluten-free or between Burgundy and Bordeaux-shaped wine bottles. More importantly, as a proclaimed lover of cheeses, I have found Nairn’s, the crackers that my board has been longing for.

Other than becoming more wine savvy than my friends, I do hope to learn more about the food and wine public relations world during my time at Nonni Strategic Marketing. Nowadays, food media is everywhere, and when I undoubtedly see an aerial-shot video of an aesthetic dish in the making within one minute of logging on to Facebook, I will probably watch the whole thing. The way digital media/technology has influenced these industries is fascinating to me and is why I chose this field as my business degree concentration.

So, in many ways, interning at NSM this summer has already been a great choice. At a smaller company, too, I find that the handful of people you have to work with can make or break the environment and I could not have asked for better co-workers. Side-note: I made the current summer playlist on the website and if you would like any music recommendations, totally shoot me an email.

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