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Spotlight on Lauren Ames, Account Coordinator

Hello, June! This month's NSM Employee Spotlight is on our Account Coordinator, Lauren Ames. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What's your role at NSM entail (a day in the life of...)?
I do a lot of communicating: discussing wine shipments with importers and wineries by email, corresponding with journalists, bloggers, and restaurateurs over the phone, and connecting with clients' consumers via all types of social media.

Top tips for when you network with people in the trade?
Being new to any industry is daunting, especially the wine industry, when some norms are spit buckets and people with professional titles like Master Sommelier. My approach is to be myself, be kind and ask a lot of questions.

What are the most memorable moments you've had working at NSM?
Any time I get to work with a brand that I am already loyal to is exciting, like rolling sushi with Flahavan's oatmeal or snacking on Nairn's oat crackers at the office. Going to wine tastings isn't too bad, either.

What are your favorite websites, blogs and/or social media accounts that you follow?
Reddit is my go-to, which leads me to a lot of miscellaneous online publications. As far as social media goes, my Instagram is flooded with food and tattoos, and my Twitter feed is outlined by comedians and politicians, who both provide equal amounts of entertainment.

Best dish you’ve eaten while traveling?
I’ve eaten so much amazing food that it’s almost impossible to choose. Panang curry in Bali. Dak galbi in Seoul. Shawarma pita in Tel Aviv.

Favorite thing to do in NYC?
Take advantage of all the amazing museums (and suggested donations) and different kinds of food (and cocktails).


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