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The Story of Oat Sushi

The challenge was to make our steel cut oats work even harder for our health, so we put our imagination to work first.

Oats are one of the healthiest foods we can eat. They’re pop-medicine-approved for almost any diet trend - anti-inflammation, vegan, naturally gluten-free. Everyone from cardiologists to Cheerios would agree they’re good for heart health.

Our oats of choice are Flahavan's Irish Oats, which also happen to be eco-friendly, thanks to cutting-edge renewable energy practices that may be unexpected from the oldest family-owned company on the Emerald Isle. And being from Ireland, where the weather is gloomy for oat lovers but great for slow-ripening oats, these oats are naturally creamier, higher in protein and higher in beta glucan than other brands, keeping us feeling fuller for longer.

On the heels of a wildly successful, savory Turmeric Oatmeal with Kimchi and a Fried Egg recipe, we had our challenge: how do we keep using these little gems of creamy stealth health to delight foodies, from the blogosphere to the cereal aisle?

Making Oat Sushi proved surprisingly easy during its first trial. Keeping in mind eggs and bacon, staples of a traditional Irish breakfast, and the fact that Ireland eats more oatmeal per capita than any other country, we created the Full Irish Breakfast Roll, combining hard-boiled egg and dulse, a seaweed that tastes incredibly bacon-y when pan-fried, with avocado and arugula to create an unbeatable meal that gives Irish tradition a whole new meaning.

We love Flahavan’s oatmeal and are happy to be working with a company that puts so much care into their products and such confidence in the creativity of our team… which includes you! See the recipe below, give Oat Sushi a try and send us your own ideas and tips to @FlahavansUSA on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

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