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Spotlight on Lauren Nicholson Nonni, Digital Media Strategist

This month's NSM Employee Spotlight series is on our Digital Media Strategist, Lauren Nicholson Nonni. 

What is your favorite social media platform and why?
Instagram, hands down. I’m a very visual person and I love looking at pretty things, so Instagram is a win for me. That being said, I’m really disappointed that Instagram is shifting from the chronological timeline feed to an algorithmic one

What tips do you have for someone trying to grow their business via social outlets?
Social media is very much a pay-to-play business now. If you are looking to reach your target demographic I suggest allocating a budget to paid spend (it doesn’t have to be big either!). You can also team up with like-minded businesses/bloggers to promote each other’s accounts for free.  Most importantly, be consistent and be authentic. Your customers are following you because they love your product/service and want to interact with you, so always remember to engage them in conversation. Here’s my general rule of thumb for content: don’t post it unless you find it interesting or engaging. Never throw quick content up on social media just because you feel like you have to post something. Social media content deserves your time and attention - develop your tone of voice and be interesting or you’ll risk losing followers.

Do you think social platforms will expire in their marketing/advertising capabilities?
No, I think they are just getting started with a wide scope of advertising capabilities. There are so many different ways to reach customers, drive traffic and increase engagement now.  And the best part is you can tailor a campaign to fit your exact needs and budget so you aren’t spending blindly.  

Favorite thing to Instagram? 
On my personal account, I love to Instagram nature landscapes and my dog Louie (he’s seriously the cutest).  Recently, my friend and I started a handmade card business called Little Ink Studios, so I’ve been obsessed with posting our calligraphy and paper quilling projects.

Favorites accounts you follow?
Instagram: @glutenfree.followme (yummy gluten-free food), @alexstrohl (insanely gorgeous nature pics) and @roomsforrent (interior design envy)
Facebook: Tasty (those videos are hypnotizing!) and MindBodyGreen (my favorite healthy living website)

What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t working at NSM?
I’m not much of a city person, so reconnecting with nature often is a must for me. Weekends are usually spent road tripping to go skiing or hiking and swimming, plus a lot of relaxation and fresh air. I’ve also been really focused on building a meditation and mindfulness practice for myself. It’s incredible how much positive progress I’ve seen over the past year from meditating daily.

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