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Nonni Friendsgiving 2016

The holiday season is finally upon us. Bring on the fur-lined earmuffs, twinkle light draped trees, and Peppermint Mocha Lattes. And the food! Working in wine, food, and wellness, the food is our favorite part of the holidays. Last week, we gathered our Nonni family in my small Jersey City apartment for a cozy Friendsgiving featuring classic Thanksgiving dishes with a client-focused twist.

Friendsgiving Golden Rule: Always ask for help. Cooking brings people together, builds closer relationships, promotes teamwork, and is simply fun. Cooking is an art, one I’m particularly fond of. To share that art with my coworkers and friends is something I am very thankful for this holiday season.

While I mashed the garlic potatoes, Jack basted the garlic herb encrusted turkey, Eunice simmered her from-scratch turkey gravy and sauteed the bacon fat brussels sprouts, and Erica provided the Chilean Carmenere and English sparkling wines.

Honoring the English pilgrims of Thanksgiving, we toasted the evening with English Sparkling Wine from Ridgeview Estate.

Swapping breadcrumbs for oats in the traditional stuffing, the Nonni team made “Skirlie” (Scottish stuffing) with toasted Flahavan’s Irish Oats, a healthy, protein packed, naturally gluten-free alternative. Experimenting with the diversity of oats, we added a dash of uncooked Flahavan’s Rolled Oats to a Shallot, Apple, Balsamic Boston Bibb Salad.

Being wine lovers, we perfectly paired dinner with Chilean Carmenere, in honor of Carmenere Day (November 24), which coincidentally falls on the same day as Thanksgiving this year.

Using crushed Nairn’s Stem and Ginger Grahams, we made a gluten-free, pumpkin pie with a flavor-rich graham pie crust.  

The food was out of this world, the wine was artfully paired, and the company was fantastic. This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my Nonni family.

Like the food shown above? Message us for a list of recipes featuring healthy substitutions, perfect for guests with dietary restrictions, this holiday season.

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